10 Best Tools to Increase the Productivity for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs live a usually busy life trying to make two ends meet by meeting deadlines, setting up reminders, making schedules or managing operations of their organisation or business. It is sometimes way more than what they bargained for and this work requires an outside help.Tools to increase productivity of blogger or entrepreneur

Top 10 Tools to Increase the Productivity for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

No more having to take pressure and tensions for these works as one can easily find apps and various tools which can increase their productivity. The 10 tools which can really boost a blogger or an Entrepreneur’s productivity are listed below:


Evernote is probably the oldest tool on this list but it is nonetheless quite useful. When it was first developed all those years ago, it was simply a note making the app. Over the years it has grown to be much more than that. You can easily use the Evernote to collaborate things, make project notes, creating checklists or simply to elongate your business. Also, not to forget, it works seamlessly across a number of platforms too.


Want to increase the communication between your team members? Slack is the app you should be looking forward to. The app provides you with a flexible initiative interface besides creating a network hub for different types of communication media including messages, hashtags and channels all stacked into one. You can easily make yourself less busy by contacting team members at once and be a little more productive.


Obviously, you cannot store those large amounts of important work data on your personal computer because of the fear of a system failure. Your projects, important files, data could be lost in a moment if somehow your Laptop just breaks down. With Dropbox, you can easily store your data on the cloud and can retrieve it anywhere you want, on any PC you want. Besides, you can easily collaborate with your team and create, edit presentations and reports together.


Ever wondered why you are having difficulty to manage your time and resources? Maybe, you couldn’t afford too much time to properly schedule your work. The Clear app allows you to prioritise your work. Add all your important work into the app and prioritise them with different colour codes according to how early you want to finish the work. Clear would be providing you with constant reminders to let you know a deadline is approaching.


If you are on a lookout for a Social Media tool, Hootsuite would probably save you from all the online mess. The handy scheduler will keep all your posts and tweets in the standby mode before posting them whenever you want them to be posted online. The app also allows you to make reports of your online reach, analyse them and save you from the embarrassment of missing your content.


Another of those old time tools which are probably quite useful nowadays. The world, these days, is very much content driven. Either you have to post original content on your blogs or else you won’t be getting your desired reach. The Copyscape tool allows you to check for plagiarism in your content work and helps you to rectify it before you upload your work to the outside world.


MailChimp is, by far, the finest newsletter and email services provider you will find across the internet.  MailChimp can easily broadcast your emails and newsletter to any number of people you have in your list almost instantly. Besides, completely sort all your email related problems, the MailChimp interface is very used to understand and use. Also, a number of analytical plugins and tools allow you to analyse things properly and thus, helping you to gain a better productivity.


Over the years, you might have found it difficult to transfer pictures, photos and media due to their size. Especially if you are transferring a large size file across the internet, it could be a painful job. The WeTransfer app allows you to transfer or send anything you wish across the internet. The free plan allows you to transfer up to 2GB data whereas the paid plan will allow you to transfer up to 50GB data.


The Project Management tool allows you to really increase the productivity of you and your team members. Asana is one of the best task and project management suites you will find over the internet. You can easily create projects, assign them, have chats with your teammates, and match workflows for your work or assign deadlines to your peers. Besides, quick integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud-based services makes your life easier.


If you are on a lookout for online customer support software, Zendesk is the one for you. With the help of a number of surveys, it allows the user to understand the area where it can help to improve your business productivity. The Zendesk app can be easily customised in the way you want it to be by prioritising the customers and their surveys on the basis of different SLA Policies.

Final Words

The life of an Entrepreneur is not easy with a lot of things going on his mind simultaneously. People tend to forget a lot of important things if they have a lot of things going on together. This is where a number of these tools will come handy to ease the pressure on their shoulders.

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