All You Need to Know about BHIM App: UPI based Payment System

Digital India is the new slogan of our nation after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cashless drive to curb black money. This active move towards a Digital India has certainly led to inconvenience in transactions but it has irrefutable advantages pertaining to cashless and digital transactions. The all new digital payment BHIM App is acceleration to the cashless payments. This cashless payment app has been introduced by our Prime Minister and is made available on all Android and iOS platforms making it easily downloadable for most of us. The full information about BHIM app has been briefed below in the article.

Introduction to BHIM App

The full form of BHIM App is ‘Bharat Interface for Money’ which is announced to invigorate the new digital drive to promote cashless transactions. It works on ‘Unified Payments Interface Platform’ from NPCI i.e. National Payments Corporation of India. If the user is signed up for UPI based transaction on his bank account, he will be able to carry out all digital transactions using the BHIM mobile app since it is directly linked to the user’s mobile number. The step by step guide on how to use BHM app, its significance and review has been highlighted in the below paragraphs.BHIM App Images, Install Bhim App for Android, iOS, Windows

The Primary Aim and Functions of BHIM Mobile App

The sole aim of BHIM app is to secure cashless transactions and thus help in turning India digital. It is bold attempt for cashless payment options in India and has numerous advantages. The primary aim of the BHIM App is to let one send and receive money to other UPI bank addresses and accounts seamlessly.

  1. It also allows one to transfer using MMID and IFSC payment methods for users who do not have a UPI based account in bank.
  2. It has also provided an option to create Quick Response code for fixed amount of money which the user or merchant can use while making deductions or transactions and is thus a great alternative to cashless payment solutions.

Pre-requisites of BHIM App

Paytm or Mobikwik serve as online wallets that allow you to use limited amount of money for cashless transactions. All you need to know about BHIM app is that it is much more than an online wallet. It is an UPI based payment system which is directly linked with your bank account. The Virtual Payment Address is enough to make payments. It has no limitation on the amount of money stored or used for transactions. It is one of the key features among all other BHIM app features. VPA is all that is required and there is no need to remember account number and other details.

Banks that support BHIM APP

The BHIM app for Android needs a UPI registration and VPA code to facilitate cashless payment systems. It is supported by most banks and the list covers all reliable and reputed banks like State Bank of India, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Central Bank of India, Karnataka Bank and many more.

Working and Advantages of BHIM App

  • BHIM App is linked to your mobile number and hence it performs verification of your mobile number.
  • It is also linked to your preferred bank account and thus makes the verification process hassle free.
  • The BHIM app wiki explains that it takes a 4 digit pass code that acts as security for every user to open the app on his device.
  • After the pass code the BHIM App allows you to choose your preferred bank and it displays the relevant number on being UPI activated.
  • In case your UPI is not activated you can use your debit card details like expiry date, 6 digits of card number.
  • BHIM app download for iPhone and Android phones are simple and works on an easy interface adding to the advantages of the BHIM app that has helps to promote cashless transactions to a great extent.

Drawback of BHIM App

The BHIM app allows user to access only one bank account currently for a given mobile number. Hence if the number is associated with 2 different bank accounts, one of them as to be deactivated.

Download and Install BHIM App on Android, iOS and Windows Platforms

BHIM App is easily downloadable on all Android phones and iOS devices from Google Playstore. The simple steps to get BHIM app for iOS devices from Google Playstore helps to solve queries of how to install BHIM app. The BHIM app for windows phone runs on an easy and user-friendly platform and is easily downloadable.

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