5 Best Modeling Agencies in India to get a Right Start: Learn How to become a Top Model

Modeling is one of the leading and one of the most glamorous work profiles everywhere. Indian models too have shown the world what they are made of. Modeling job includes walking the ramp to showcase the latest clothes designed by the designers. Models also pose for photo shoots for various products like shoes or clothes or food item or basically any product. Models also act in commercials using their skills to promote a product.

A Little to know about Modeling Agencies

Modeling Agency is basically a company that represents models. These agencies make contact with directors of commercials and fashion designers so that they choose their model and make a deal with them. These agencies make work easy for models and fashion industry. Models can sign up with them for work and designers can approach agencies for desired models. Agency earns from the commission it gets from models and fashion industry. So here is the list of top 5 modeling agencies in India.5 Best Modeling Agencies in India

Jasmine Model Inc.

This agency was started in 2010 and is amongst the best modeling agencies in Mumbai. They provide services of Indian Models, International models, help in casting and portfolio shoots. Their head office is in Mumbai. The modeling agency is quite famous and has connections with famous fashion designers and commercial directors.

Urban Model Management Agency

Providing contracts with female and male models to the Indian or International models is the work of this agency since it started in 2013. It also helps during casting and ad production. Within few years this agency has earned its name in leading Indian modeling agencies. Its head office is in Mumbai. Many models are represented under them.

Kaalia International Modeling and Casting Agency

This agency was established in 2008 and since then its core business is to provide male or female models. It represents both Indian and International Models. It also helps in casting and portfolio photo shoots. It is the best modeling agency in Bangalore. They are well known for portfolio shoots so beginner models should try there.

Nudeye Productions LLP

This modeling agency is amongst the top modeling agencies in Delhi. The agency provides female and male models. It has contracts with both Indian as well as International Models. The agency also hosts fashion shows and also has hands in event management. Its headquarters is in New Delhi.

Star Models Agency

This agency is located in New Delhi. This modeling agency was established in 2010. Within few years this agency has worked its way up in the list of modeling agencies in India. It provides female and male models. The company makes available both Indian as well as International models. It also indulges in casting and portfolio photo-shoots.

Final Say

These modeling agencies can boost up the career of any model but they do not take just anyone. You need to be good looking with an attractive physique and an attitude that no one has. These agencies solve the problem for fashion industry as they make available the best for them.

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