Top 4 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players: Pick the Best

Tennis is all about brilliant strokes and an impeccable performance with spontaneity and power. The perfect tennis racquet is a performance booster that helps you to strike the apt shot and win. Tennis racquets come in a plethora of sizes, shapes and even colors but choosing the right one that gives a perfect gripand ensures a premium quality helps to enhance your performance. The importance of tennis racket is beyond a match and it is more about building your game. Hence, choosing the right tennis racquet is of utmost significance and is an important tip to become a better tennis player.

The Premium Quality and Most Demanded Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets come is different styles, quality and sizes. If you want to buy a good racquet that will ensure a victorious game, you will have to check for its grip, quality, dimensions, string pattern, head size and length. Using a good tennis racquet and selecting the right size will help you play a better game. Here are best tennis racquets for intermediate players that are colossally popular for their quality, light weight and price. The below reviews on the best 4 tennis racquets in market will help you make the right purchase!Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players, Best Tennis Racquet Brands

Head Liquidmetal 8

A lightweight racquet that gives strength and durability is the best pick for all beginners and intermediate tennis players. The Head Liquidmetal 8 is the most popular tennis racquet and ranks top in all review for all popular tennis racquet brands. It has the following qualities that distinguish it from rest of tennis racquets in market today.

  1. The racquet helps to strike slow to moderate swings.
  2. It reduces the vibration for about 27% with its NoShox handle.
  3. It enhances the speed of the ballthat helps to improve your tennis game.

The Head Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti-S6 is known for its high durability and strength that makes a perfect fit in the hands of all players. It is one of best tennis racquets for beginners owing to its lightweight and extra-long 27 ¾ length.

  1. It is a combination of graphite and titanium weighing nearly 8 ounces making it lightweight.
  2. It provides amazing vibration control for all intermediate and beginner players enhancing their levels of game play.

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet

The Wilson racquet is one of the highly demanded tennis racquets available in moderate price ranges that have brilliant specifications with regards to vibrations control, power booster and swinging speed.

  1. Best Wilson tennis racquet provides moderate swings without maneuverability to all intermediate players.
  2. The Volcanic Frame technology offers every player with a fantastic power and control to strike shots perfectly with full energy.
  3. This racquet effectively reduces vibrations with the stop shock pads.

The Dunlop Biometic M 6.0

A thick beam combined with high flex helps to create more skin in each shot and this deliver a great game. The tennis racquet size guide explains that string patter and racquet’s head dimension helps to tackle shots and strike at good pace.

  1. The Dunlop Biometic M 6.0 makes a perfect balance between stability, durability and strength.
  2. It delivers good depth while an easy access to the tip of the racquet adds more spin to the shots.

A proper guidance combined with learning and practice that comprises of various tricks and techniques to tackle different shots helps one to become a prominent tennis player. How to choose a tennis racquet is equally important considering its quality and specifications. The above mentioned tennis racquets are of supreme significance and hence are highly demanded tennis racquets worldwide.

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