Bonk Be Live Review: A Stunning Streaming App For Both Android And iOS That Lets You To Earn Money


Bonk Be Live has created a buzz in the industry since its successful launch. The app is currently available for free on Google PlayStore and Apple iTunes. The all new revolutionary has already defeated all its competitors when it comes to technology. Nearly 26 Silicon Valley startups have claimed it to be the next game-changer. Backed by a great unit of developers and programmers around the globe and a fully-fledged marketing unit, the app is all set to carve its way into the people’s heart.Bonk Be Live App

All you Need to Know about Bonk Be Live App

Bonk Be Live is a new social media broadcasting app that has created a buzz in the live streaming industry. The users can stream themselves within the app interface and connect with new people. Not only this, they can generate a decent income by running the ads in between the streams. The users can exchange the virtual 3D/2D gifts and utilize the augmented reality features to interact with each other.

Bonk Be Live’s unique advertising model makes it different from other traditional advertising models that are expensive for the advertisers and yield fewer conversions. Bonk Be Live’s unique advertising model creates a call to action for the viewers and this creates more conversions for the advertisers. The app is the win-win situation for all the users.

How Bonk Be Live Works?

Firstly, download the Bonk Be Live app on your devices and proceed with the installation. Once the app has been installed on your device, follow the steps mentioned alongside.

  • Open the app and do the registration. You can sign up using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or your email id.

BonkLive Sign Up

  • Once you have signed up, log into the app and proceed with the instructions. You can either choose to skip or click on ‘next’ till you find the ‘Done’ option.

Bonk Be Live Interface

  • You will now be taken to the main dashboard of the app. Here you will find 4 different tabs – ‘Follow’, ‘Live’, ‘New’, and ‘Nearby’.

Bonk Be Live Follow People

  • ‘Follow’ option suggests you the people you can follow. ‘Live’ option suggests you the present broadcasters. ‘New’ option suggests you newest broadcasters while the ‘Nearby’ option suggests you the broadcasters who are streaming near to your location. You can even filter out the gender while choosing ‘Nearby’ option.Bonk Be Live Followers
  • You can choose the broadcaster whom you wish to see live by clicking on their profile.

Bonk Be Live Broadcaster

  • You can even send the messages to them, talk to them over chat, and send them virtual gifts. Ensure that the sexually implicit content will not be tolerated. Avoid using such stuff.

Bonk Be Live Chat with Broadcaster

  • You can swipe up and down to change the broadcaster and view next or previous broadcasters.

Change Broadcaster on BonkLive

  • Go to the ‘Inbox’ and check out the messages that other users of the app have sent you. You can chat with them on the Bonk Be Live app.

Bonk Live Notifications

  • The Bonk Be Live notifications lets you know about the latest updates about your followers and the people you are following or any other happening on the app.

Bonk be Live Notifications

Go Live with Bonk Be Live

You can even go live with Bonk Be Live and promote yourself. Interact with new people and gain more followers.

  • Press the blue button located at the center in the bottom.

Starting a Broadcast on BonkLive

  • You will then be directed to the main screen.

Going Live with Bonk Be Live

  • Fill in the details like – ‘Your Live’s Title, Country, and the category in which you will be broadcasting.

Bonk Be Live Broadcast Settings

  • After filling in the details, press ‘Go Live’ option to start broadcasting.

BonkLive Go Live Button

  • The broadcast will start within 3 seconds.

Starting Broadcast with Bonk Be Live

  • After the broadcast has started, you can exchange messages and talk to the people joining the stream.

Starting Broadcasting Career with Bonk Be Live

  • You can close the stream anytime by pressing the ‘x’ button on the top right corner.

Live Session Ended on Bonk Be Live

  • In the end, you will get to know the total diamonds and coins you have earned, broadcast time, number of viewers who watched the broadcast, gifts received, and the likes received.
The Bottom Line

Bonk Be Live is one of the best social media broadcasting application that has made the way to people’s heart in no time. It’s just been a year and the app has gained so much popularity. There is no doubt that the app will reach new heights as the marketing campaigns will start yielding the results.

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