7 Differences between Entrepreneurs and Employees: Showdown Starts Now

It is a general belief among most people that entrepreneurs are leaders while employees are followers. The pragmatic truth is not just about being disciple and pioneer but it engulfs a lot of other key differences that draw a prominent line between entrepreneurs and employees. There are key points like change of mindset, comfort-levels, risk taking ability and a lot more crucial points. It is important to note that there are entrepreneur employee and some who even follow someone’s lead. The major differences between entrepreneurs and employees have been highlighted below which will help you get a better idea on the subtle line between the two.Employees Vs Entrepreneurs Differences

Employees Look for a Direction while Entrepreneurs Create a Path

There are numerous problems that arise at work. An employee usually scouts for fellow colleagues to garner the solution and fix the issue while entrepreneurs create their own solution and fix the problem to take the organization ahead. Entrepreneur definition itself speaks about being pioneer of one’s own idea and hence they themselves seek for solutions and remedies to dilate the portfolio of their organization.

Entrepreneurs think and employees implement

Entrepreneurs come up with new notions and bright ideas that will help their organization or startup grow. They listen to others and conclude on the approach and idea to be implemented while employees are the processor who helps to get the work done and shape the ideas into reality. The idea comes into life to increase the productivity only by employees. Successful entrepreneurs consider the needs and opinions of his employees and thus simulate a positive work ambience.

Risk taking Mindset

Employees follow a laid down path and work based on the process oriented approach followed consistently. This is a safe and easy path to take to implement the ideas but it does not nourish new ideas and any novelty to improve. Entrepreneurs are risk-tolerant and scout for new and different measures and ways to increase productivity. There is no certainty of success but it irrefutably welcomes new thoughts and methods. Risk-taking ability is a major difference between entrepreneurship Vs job which can disturb the security and safety of the job.

Employees are Specialists and Entrepreneurs are Generalists

Researches have concluded that employees are mostly specialists in their domain and their expertise goes unbeatable with sound experience and knowledge which is however confined to their specific domain. Entrepreneurs on the other hand have a general idea on many different fields and knowledge on multiple arenas. They cannot afford to be one-eyed but has to be aware of all operating units in his organization

Steady Environment and Comfort in Risk Zone

Employees scout for jobs that provide them stability and security in service while entrepreneurs are pretty much comfortable in their risk zoned slab. Employees look for career options and career opportunities while employees look for ideas and novelty in approach.

Rules and Norms

Entrepreneurs have to break the tradition and conventional practice to welcome something new and ignited. Thus rules are meant to be broken to create a new and successful business while employees stick to the traditional methods and processes to ensure a quality work.


Responsibility is a major factor that also works as career guidance. Everyone is expected to be responsible for their work and it is always easy for a responsible employee to find a job or in the process of job search. Employees are responsible for their actions and roles and their decision ultimately changes the organization’s status. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are responsible for everything. They are also responsible for the decision and actions implemented by his employees. He works on a larger scale and has to bear the brunt of every positive and negative step taken by his subordinates.

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