Top 7 Famous Indian Female Basketball Players who are making India Proud

With the advent of modern times and growth in Indian mentality, Sports is now being encouraged on a wider scale. Basketball has come into more prominence and the players are held high with regards. The current Indian Basketball team has some of the excellent sportsperson who have garnered humongous attention owing to their skill and devotion towards the game which gets showcased in the many matches. The Indian women basketball players have not proved themselves in the basketball court but they carry an aura of panache and a high glamour quotient.

Best Women Basketball Players of India

Some of the prominent women basketball players have not been worshipped as sports icon but also epitomize glamour and style. Their well-toned body with a height that is envied by all makes them quite a head turned in the court. Also, some of the female basketball players of India are offered many advertisements and modeling offers due to their perfect persona and a commendable height. The top 7 famous female basketball players have been listed below.Famous Indian Women Basketball Players

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh is a sports icon with her exemplary sports skills display in a basketball game. She was one of the captains of our Indian women’s basketball team. In the year 2010, she had also been laurelled with the prestigious title of ‘Most Valuable Player’ in India’s professional basketball league. Besides, she has garnered numerous accolades for her skilled ball handling talent and has been titled among the best basketball players in India.

Prachi Tehlan

Prachi Tehlan is yet another popular basketball player who has bagged many prestigious awards and titles for the nation. She is also a prominent netball player and has secured many medals in her sporting career from her praiseworthy basketball and netball matches.

Prachi Tehlan was also the captain of Indian netball team in the year 2010 and represented the nation at the Commonwealth games. The Indian netball team won the 1st medal at Hambantota, Sri Lanka in the South Asian Beach games in 2011. She is one the female sports celebrities in India owing to her outstanding skills demonstrated in both basketball and netball matches.

Geethu Anna Jose

Geethu Jose is a married Indian basketball player who was the captain of Indian women’s basketball team. She is from Kerala and has played several basketball matches in national and international borders. She is one of the very married female basketball players who has showcased commendable skills and won victories for the nation.

In the year 2012, she secured 11 points against China at the 3rd Asian Beach games and emerged victorious. In the year 2015, Geethu and her husband Rahul Koshi became the proud parents of son Aaryan.

Divya Singh

Divya Singh is one of the prominent former captains on National women’s basketball team, India. The national basketball team under her captaincy represented the nation in Melbourne Commonwealth games in 2006. She has also worked as assistant coach in the 17th Asian Games Incheon held in 2014. She is also regarded as one of the hottest female basketball players.

Divya Singh is one the Indian female basketball players who is known beyond her sports skills but is recognized for her charismatic and glamorous persona. Her leadership qualities, staunch academics excellence and an undeniably charming personality have always got her a major chunk of followers. She is currently working as a coach in Delhi women’s basketball team.

Prashanti Singh

Prashanti Singh hails from Varanasi, UP and is a shooting guard in the national women’s basketball team. She is one of the ‘Singh sisters’ who has represented the Indian national women basketball team at the 2006 commonwealth games, 17th Asian games Incheon held in 2014, 16th Asian games, etc.

Divya, Pratima, and Akansha Singh are her sisters who have also represented the team in many international basketball events. She is also regarded as one of most beautiful sportswomen in India with her charming looks and a pleasant persona.

Prashanti Singh is the only woman basketball player in our nation on whom a documentary film was shot and is regarded as the one of the sexiest women in basketball. The film was named ‘Boskey Basketball Banaras’ portraying her life and struggle. The film was also selected in the top 6 films in the much esteemed Satyajit Ray film festival.

Pratima Singh

Pratima Singh is one the “Singh Sisters” and is a member of the current women’s national basketball team, India. She belongs to the Singh family from Varanasi where 4 out of 5 sisters have carved their names in the history of Indian basketball team.

Pratima Singh is married and her husband is Ishant Sharma who is a well-known Indian cricketer. She is the current captain of the team and has won many awards as the best basketball player in her matches.

Poonam Chaturvedi

Poonam Chaturvedi is the tallest basketball player in India with an unbelievable height of about 6 feet and 11 inches tall. She is one of the famous Indian female basketball players who got easily noticed by all spectators owing to her amazing height. She is one of the tallest woman sportsperson of our nation and is emerging as a promising basketball player.

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