How to Get the Best out of your Hotel Stay – Easy Tips to Make Most of It

The experience of staying in a hotel can be an intriguing or a disastrous one depending on how you make the best out of your stay. No matter the hotel you choose is 3-star or 7-star, it is very difficult to maintain the standards around the place. The front desk of the hotel not only holds your room key, but they can also be a major factor in making your stay comfortable or decent only. Remembering a couple of things such as how to treat the staff, ask for particular things, how to book services and how much to tip to the staff can transform the quality of the service you might get.How to get most out of your Hotel stay

Tips to Get Best out of your Hotel Stay

In order to get the best out of your hotel stay in anywhere around the world, follow the following best-kept secrets from this industry. You will definitely have a joyful experience.

Cost of rearranging the room isn’t equal to your bill

It has been revealed from a number of insider sources in the industry that the actual cost to turn over a hotel room and make it usable for the next customer is not even 25% of the charge it costs you per night. This turnover charge includes everything that needs to be changed in the room including washing sheets, hourly wages for housekeepers, front desk agents, cleaning supplies, minibar attendants, and electricity cost.

Don’t pay for the Mini Bar on your bill

Every premium hotel room has a mini bar setup inside it which begs you to spend money on it. Most hotel front desk agents charge the customers with an excess amount of money which includes the cost of using the mini bar even if he/she hasn’t used it. In such cases, you can clearly ask for a reduction of the bill which the staff will have no option to deduct from the generated bill.

Use your words well

It would be better if all your complaints or problems regarding the room are delivered directly to the staff working at the front desk. Either visit them personally or telephone them. Also, keep in mind that almost all issues were not the fault of the front desk. Therefore, it would be better if you politely outline your problems to them and offer them solutions if you can think of one.

Never expect all facilities after booking the room through discount sites

It is a common trend among the people to use various discount sites to save a little money on their travels. However, it would be stupid to think that using these services will still allow them to use the premium services. You will have to fork out money if you want the best room available in the hotel. The staff assumes you to be a one-time visitor if you are using discount sites rather than the hotel’s own website and provide you with the smallest dingiest rooms available.

Give decent tip to earn better rewards

The front desk at the hotel has the authority to upgrade a customer or guest for better quality services. No matter which hotel you choose, the design and shape of the hotel will ensure that rooms on the same budget can be a little different. You can always find a bigger TV screen in certain rooms, or with a great view or larger bathtub. The only thing that can help you is the small decent tip to the staff.

Don’t be shafted

To compensate for the guests and people who book the hotel rooms and don’t show up, the hotel staff is advised to overbook the hotel against the capacity. A no-show involves a 10% penalty and if that room goes to another person on the booking list, the only one laughing is the Hotel management. Although it would happen rarely that everyone turns up to take their booked rooms, but in such cases, Hotels tend to relocate few guests. To make sure, you are not among those unlucky few, avoid using discount sites to book the room, don’t be rude to the staff and try to be a repeat customer to the same hotel.

The Last Words

You can visit the best tourist attractions of the world. You would love the outer surroundings and beauty of the city but will still feel empty-handed if you are not able to make the most out of your hotel stay. With the tips and hacks mentioned above, you can make sure you don’t have to overpay for your room and still enjoy all the premium benefits.

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