How US Citizens can apply for a Canadian Visa? Online Application Form, Fees, Renewal Charges

Every day millions of people from different walks of life immigrate to Canada to enhance their life. Most citizens of the US (United States of America) move to Canada in search of work, proper education, and expansion of business or simply as a tourist. The people who aspire to immigrate to Canada keep increasing every second and the most common thoughts that come to their minds are: ‘How to apply for visa for Canada?’

Canadian Visa for Americans, Online Application Form, Fees, Renewal Charges

How US Citizens can apply Visa for Canada?

There is no visa application procedure to Canada for the denizens of US. The citizens of the US are able to visit or travel through Canada without obtaining a visa for a period of up to six months provided they have a valid passport. After the completion of six months, you can freshly apply or renew your visa before it expires. Visitors are qualified if they are of sound health, can prove to an immigration officer that they have a job, financial assets or family that will make take them go back to their country and have adequate money for their stay. In some cases a letter of invitation and a follow up medical exam may be obligatory.

How to apply for a Canada Visa?

Applying online is easy if ones follow this procedure to apply for Canadian visa:

  • Confirm your Eligibility: Go through official website of visa application to ensure you eligible to apply for a visa. Applicant can download and print the application available online, if you plan to apply on paper.
  • Form a Checklist: After checking your eligibility, you will come across a series of questions such as the duration of your trip, your actual location, your marital, the reason of your visit, if you have a job, if you are a felon and other such questions as necessary to form a checklist of documents.
  • Offer Additional Information for a Super Visa: In case of applying for a grandparent or parent visa, the applicants must provide proof that they are indeed a grandparent or parent. Before entering on super visa, applicant needs to show they are insured under a Canadian company that will cover the applicant throughout the trip.
  • Photo: Applicants are needed to provide a passport photograph.
  • Upload the Information to the computer: All documents must be scanned and saved in computer.
  • Create an Account: With the personal reference number, obtained during the creation of eligibility of checklist create an account, when asked; enter your personal reference number.
  • Pay the Fees: As of 2015, the Canadian visa fees were 100 Canadian Dollars ($). The fee can be paid through the online payment system of the official website. One can still pay online if one has applied on paper; the fee must be paid before the application is turned in. However, certified check to the Receiver General for Canada or bank draft can also be used for payment. A copy the bank draft or the receipt must be sent with the application. Fees can differ based on which country you belong to. Applicant can be asked to pay an additional fee to the government for photograph and fingerprints.
  • Work through the Application: There will be need to add documents and fill in biographical paperwork. There will also be a need to upload a picture. If the application is on paper, applicant will need to find the correct location of where to submit it through the website.
  • Wait for Confirmation: Applicant should obtain confirmation that government has received the application. Wait for the acceptance or rejection of the filed application, which should come via mail within 70 days.
  • Wait for any further Instructions: Once approved, it is most likely that there will be a need to send your passport in to receive the visa. The authorization letter or email should furnish with more information.

How to Renew a Canadian Visa?

It is important to ensure that the Americans follow the procedure to apply for Canada Visa while renewal. If you apply for the renewal of Canadian Visa, it is usually accepted within 30 days before the expiry of the visa. In case your study/work permit is still valid but your Canadian visa has expired, you need to renew it before you need to travel outside Canada. Simple and standardized photocopies of documents like passport, travel permit, national ID, original passport, 2 passport sized photographs, letter from company/university, etc. would be enough.

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