Top 5 Most Shameful Moments on Rugby Field! HaaaaaWWWWW!!!

The world is a place where you will find different types of people in numerous countries. Similarly, you will also find various types of sports being played in different parts of the world. In some parts, you will find people playing soccer and in some, you will find people playing lawn tennis. Other popular sports being played in different countries include cricket, table tennis, rugby, football, and chess. Some of the sporting events include the players to move across the field at all times and others require pure brain power to overcome the opposition. Rugby is one of those games which require the players to be on the move. Just like any other game, you will often come across most shameful moments on rugby field on the news.Most Shameful Moments on Rugby Field

Most Shameful Moments on Rugby Field That Ever Happened

Although you may find such moment to be very funny, it is not so in real life. The players and the referees often get hurt on the field. If you also wish to be a rugby player when you grow up, you have to be mentally prepared to face forceful hits on the field from the opponents. This technique is used to stop opponents from scoring a point by getting the ball in the other team’s territory. There are several shameful moments in rugby history. Here you will find 5 of the best in the history of rugby.

Clearing Kick by Player lands Straight on the Head of the Touch-Judge

One of the most hilarious moments on rugby field was when the mighty New Zealand was playing with Samoa. During the first half of the game, a clearing kick by a player landed straight on the head of the touch-judge. Referee Jaco Peyper was seen enjoying the hilarious moment on the field, although the touch-judge was seen taken aback by the out-of-the-blue missile. Peyper has been one of the busiest referees of late and was also seen refereeing the Super Rugby Final. Unfortunately, Peyper was not caught on camera enjoying the scene, although the incident seemed to lighten the situation on the field.

Henry Seniloli’s Early Enjoyment goes Futile

Enjoying a point is surely harmless. However, it is always better to enjoy once you win a point and not before that. This is what happened in the rugby game between Fiji and The Scarlets. Henry Seniloli, of the Treviso team, was on the verge of finishing one of the best team tries. However, seconds after pointing a finger at Scott Williams, he lost the ball and in the process also injured himself. Williams attempted to stop the ball was probably one of the best. However, the early showmanship of Seniloli was the prime reason for the loss of his side. Seniloli’s team was leading the game by 13-3. However, they lost the game by 17-13 at the end. This is probably one of the most shocking moments on rugby field. It was also probably the first time it is seen players showboating and finally messing up a winning game.

Broken Noses are of No Concern

There are several instances in rugby game where it is seen players playing with a broken nose. Although to a spectator it may not seem a tough challenge to continue playing with a continuously bleeding nose, to a player it is one of the biggest challenges on the field. Georgia Page, one of the internet sensations of rugby, was seen playing with a profusely bleeding nose. If this is not sufficient, she even went on to take on some tough challenges on the field with her broken nose. Even in the past, Sharni Williams found her nose broken during a game of rugby when a knee of another player hit her nose. However, this did not stop her from scoring a match-winning try.

Train Hard or Get Hit on the Face with the Ball

This was probably what was going on in the minds of hooker Richard Hibbard. During the Wales training session, Richard was noticed attacking newbie Dan Biggar’s nose with the ball. Apparently, Richard was seen training hard for the upcoming game of his team. However, somehow he didn’t feel that the backs were training accordingly. So took it upon himself to teach them a lesson by breaking the nose of Dan with the ball. It surely is a nice way to catch the attention of the fellow team members and make them feel the need to train hard.

Kaka High Fives himself after the Referee didn’t Respond

New Zealand team’s Gillies Kaka was seen hanging around the referee after scoring a try against the USA. After scoring for his team, he found that the nearest person was the referee. Thus, in his happiness, he went over to the referee and tried giving him a high five. However, the referee remained professional and unmoved. This made Kaka high five with himself in his enjoyment of scoring for his team. It was a nice way not to dampen the winning spirit in a rugby game.

Final Views

These are some of the most shocking moments in history of rugby. If you browse through the internet, you will certainly come across much more such funny and shocking news of various events during a rugby match. Such news is quite common in any sporting event. Whether it is cricket or soccer or lawn tennis or rugby, funny and shocking happenings are a part and parcel of any sports. You will also find various types of news during a sporting event on the daily newspaper. If you are also a sportsman, then you will understand how such news can prove to be beneficial for any type of game. In a way, it helps to attract the attention of more and more people.

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