MTV Roadies X4 Winner Name, Prize Money, Grand Finale

MTV Roadies is a popular show in India. The show is based on a series of completion conducted between the chosen contestants. Currently MTV Roadies X4 is going on. The host of this season is VJ Gaelyn Mendonca. The location for this season is Bhutan. After a very tough audition, the chosen contestants were divided between four gang leaders. The four gang leaders are Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia and Sushil Kumar. Sushil Kumar had to leave the show because of Olympic game so Prince Narula took his place.

MTV Roadies X4 Contestants Group Wise

  1. Prince Narula’s GangBharti, Navdeesh, Yogesh, Anamika and Sunny
  2. Rannvijay Singh’s Gang:  Rubal, Karishma, Tarasha, Tej and Hifsa
  3. Neha Dhupia’s GangAnseela, Divya, Satish, Rohan and Ocean
  4. Karan Kundra’s GangKavya, Mahamedhaa, Gaurav, Balraj, Saad, Benafsha and Shivangi

MTV Roadies X4 Grand Finale

10th June, 2016 was the semi-finale. It was 21st episode of MTV Roadies X4. The grand finale is much awaited. The suspense of who shall be the winner is making everyone watch the episodes regularly. The grand finale date is still awaited. The grand premier shall be a blast and that is guaranteed. The finalists of MTV Roadies 2016 are Navdeesh from Prince Narula’s gang and Balraj from Karan Kundra’s gang.

Predicting Winner?

While everyone is praying for their favorite to be the winner it is obvious that only one shall win. Many have predicted winner while for others winner prediction is still going on. While many are in the favor of Balraj – Karan Kundra’s group, my personal favorite is Navdeesh from Prince Narula’s gang. The season gets more and more exciting with eliminations and wild card entries. So, right now it is very difficult to guess the MTV Roadies 2016 winner as every contestant gives their 100% in each task to become the winner of MTV Roadies X4. Let us wait for the finale.

OMG! Prize Money

The prize money always changes season to season. The maximum prize money so far has been Rs. 6,17,000 but most number of times it has been around Rs. 5,00,000. Although the prize money can still change but it is estimated to be more than Rs. 5,00,000 this season. “The more the merrier” is the feeling every contestant must be having. The aadhar card download by name and date of birth will be required to get the winning amount for winner.

Final Say

MTV Roadies X4 has been very thrilling as expected. Roadies is a show where an individual earns his place with his or her hard work and earns respect and fame by doing their best. This shows that success can only be achieved by hard work. Not only physical strength is important but mental strength also. MTV Roadies X4 winner name? Keep on guessing people.

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