How to Make Mixed Fruit Jam at Home: Step by Step Recipe

Bread and Jam is a routine breakfast for most of the people. Kids love the different flavors of jam and it makes an easy pick for all mothers as it requires less effort and adds nutrition to kids’ diet. The different flavors of jam available in the market are often prepared with artificial sweeteners and sugar which is not so recommendable for the growing kids. Mixed fruit flavor is one of the most loved variant and the effortless steps to make it at home are an icing on the cake! Here is a simple mixed fruit jam recipe that will add delight to your breakfast in the most healthy and easiest way.

Mixed Fruit Jam: Yipppppeeee!!!!! Kids Love it

Fruits are always welcomed by kids and it adds to their nutrition too. Homemade mixed fruit jam with the choice of fruits makes it an easy attempt for all mothers to feed their kids with the right food. Apples, Grapes, Strawberries, Bananas, etc. can all be added in the right quantity with sugar to make a delicious mixed fruit jam that can be served with hot Chapattis or bread to make a finger-licking and healthy brunch.Mixed Fruit Jam Recipe at Home, Ingredients, Cooking Tips

Recipe to Make Mixed Fruit Jam at Home without Pectin

You can start with the fruits and make a simple attempt to prepare mixed fruit jam. The red rosy apples with ripened bananas are must for the delicious fruit flavor and fragrance. Strawberries with black grapes are an additional delight. Fruits itself provide the natural pectin and hence no extra pectin is required. Read the step by step recipe of mixed fruit jam to garner all the required ingredients and make the perfect jam at home.


  • To begin with, you would need 1 apple, one well ripened banana and an orange with 3 plums.
  • Also take 3 sugar prunes and 2 cups of seedless black grapes.
  • Keep 1 and half cup of sugar or more depending on your sugar taste.
  • Also squeeze ½ tbsp. of lemon juice in a bowl.
  • You can also add 5 chopped strawberries and 1 chopped and peeled pineapple.

How to Cook Mixed Fruit Jam: Preparation Tips

Mixed Fruit Jam is basically a combination of different fruits with perfect sugar to make it an ideal delicacy. Here are some very simple steps to make mixed fruit jam at home.

  1. Blend the Fruits: Take an apple, an orange, a banana, a prune and a plum, and peel them. Chop them into fine pieces and mix all the fruits in a bowl. Blend the fruits together in a mixer. You can also add the finely peeled and chopped pineapples and strawberries with the mixture until it forms a smooth fruit paste with an awesome fragrance. This is the simplest cooking lesson to start with a delicious mixed fruit jam recipe.
  2. Cook in Low Flame:Take the puree of the smooth paste of fruits and keep it in a pan. Add 1 and ½ cup of sugar and cook the puree in a low flame. Start cooking in medium flame and then to low and simmer until it forms a thick paste. Keep stirring it get a thickened form of the puree. There are some online mixed fruit jam preparation videos which will give an idea of the thickened paste formed.
  3. Add Lemon Juice: Add the lemon juice after the jam has thickened. Keep cooking until it becomes thick for about 1 and half in low flame. Also keep stirring regular intervals. These easy steps are all you need to prepare mixed fruit jam at home.

Special Tips to Remember

The above mentioned steps will help you get a delicious and sweet mixed fruit jam at home but here are some special cooking tips that are indispensable for all mixed fruit jam making recipes.

  1. While preparing the jam if you lift the spatula to pour jam, make sure it flows together. To check, pour it in a plate. If the jam spreads then it’s still not ready and required further cooking.
  2. After cooking, keep it in a cool place and store in sterilized jars.
  3. This amazing mixed fruit jam making recipe can be used for toppings on waffles or also wrapped in Rotis (Chapattis) to make a good breakfast. You can also have preservatives used in mixed fruit jam. You can also add different fruits like Papaya and Berries to give variation.

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