The Flash Season 4 Air Date, Star Cast, Plot, Storyline, Episodes

Well, it’s great news for all viewers that CW has confirmed the release of “The Flash Season 4”. CW announced it in the middle of the season 3 on Jan 8, 2017, that there will be a fourth season of the hit series “The Flash”. It was announced at the TCA press tour. The Flash Season 4 air date is near and the US users can watch its episodes on Netflix as well. As we all know The Flash is an adventure, action TV series. The last season of The Flash has earned a lot of attraction so the expectations for the season 4 are very high. The show has a consistently increasing rating from its beginning.The Flash Season 4

The Flash Season 4 Starting Date

The third season of the Grant Gustin starrer “The Flash” has increased the expectation of viewers. The show has the highest efforts off CW and received such high ratings. So CW announced the release of Season 4 and the new season will be airing on early October like the previous seasons.

The Flash Season 4 Star Cast

The fourth season of “The Flash” might reprise the roles of the lead actors like Grant Gustin (The Flash/Barry Allen), Carlos Valdes (Vibe/Cisco Ramon), Candice Patton (Iris West), Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Harrison Wells/ Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash), Jesse L.Martin (Joe West), Danielle Panabaker (Dr. Caitlin Snow), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West), and Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne). All of the above-mentioned stars have very important roles in season 4. The lead actors will be Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L.Martin, Carlos Valdes, and Danielle Panabaker.

The Flash Season 4 Plot

This season will also have a lot of action like the previous seasons in which we will see The Flash and its team fighting to save their city. We will also see a crossover of Superheroes like ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Arrow’ helping Barry to save their and Barry’s city. There might be a crossover with superheroes of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. But we can say that the villain will be something a little different from before. As the executive producer Andrew Kreisberg announced at Paley Fes, Los Angeles that next season they are not having a speedster as the main villain.

“The Flash” Season 4 Episode 1

The storyline would be strong making the series a real stellar. It is expected to get the record TRPs. The first episode of The Flash season 4 will be linked with the ending of season 3. The date of its airing is set up in early October like the previous seasons. The new season will be more action-packed and also has a lot of suspense as the villain will not be a speedster.

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