Top 10 Best Monsoon Outfits for Women: Stylish Monsoon Dresses for Girls

The Monsoon season brings with itself delightful spells of rain and fervour with relief from the soaring temperatures of the summers. While the rainy stint is enjoyable and brings a fresh change from the sweaty heat, the muddy roads and slippery paths are a cumbersome situation to deal with, especially when you are headed to your workplace or to an outing. While you may consider equipping yourself with a sturdy umbrella, it might not be much of insulation for your clothes against the water-logged roads, dirty wet feet, and splashes of water from passing vehicles. Most people face the dilemma to select the right outfits to tackle the rainy season without much trouble. Here is a compilation of the dresses to wear in rains.Best Monsoon dress for Women

Best Dresses for Monsoon Season for Women

For a woman, dress to wear in monsoon, might not be the only deciding factor in her choice of clothing. She is willing to combine utility with fashionable dresses for Monsoons. Try these style categories to dress in monsoon dresses.

  • Trousers- Pants: Give a try to your short or knee length pants. Monsoon season is the best to try on these pants. Three quarters and capris also make a perfect selection. Try avoiding full-length pants as their chance of getting spoiled from splashing mud is greater. Go for dark coloured cropped pants and completely avoid jeans and corduroys as they easily pick up puddle water and weigh you down. You can always pair it up with a cute vibrant crop top.
  • Jacket: If you are planning on taking a trek, a jacket is a must for you. It is also important if you walk often while travelling. Jackets are ideal for protection against the cold that is often accompanied with the rainy season. A classic trench coat can be paired with a formal shirt or blouse to get the desirable look.
  • Kurtis: Ditch the long length salwar kameez and Patiala for colourful kurtis paired with dense toned leggings and churidars. You can also use scarves as an alternative for long dupattas. Kurtis looks fashionable and chic on every woman and also remain a comfortable option for those who have to travel and beat the rain at the same time. The cotton fabric of the churidars and kurtis absorb water quickly while drying it out in no time. This is also a great option to avoid too much perspiration during the sticky weather.
  • Saris: If you have to decide on wedding dresses for monsoon season and are willing to opt for traditional Indian wear, then you can go for Khadi saris in the monsoon season. The fabric is the safest bet for this season as all other Rajasthani and Bandhani prints can be a tacky choice as they tend to run colour upon getting wet. Store away all your designer and brocade saris in this season and opt for khadi make to truly enjoy a wedding while it rains.
  • Shorts: Now, what better than wearing shorts in the monsoon? Shorts are comfortable, trendy and even make you look ravishing. If you have to sport the perfect college look, then colourful cotton shorts will make you look vibrant and sexy. However, if you are more of a denim person then, there is an ample collection of denim shorts available for you. There are vivid designs, fabrics and a wide collection of shorts available for you in the markets and online too. Do grab your right fit.
  • Maxi Dresses: Now, these are the new season dresses. Adapted from the western markets, they’re a reincarnation of the trendy gowns that you carry for the weddings. Gowns look great in a wedding function or a social gathering, however, these maxi dresses will make you look scintillating during the monsoons. If you want the chic look, go for the florals, if you want the perfect ladylike look, go for the plain prints in cotton or lace. Do make sure you get them altered for your length so that they don’t get smeared in the monsoon mud. Carry them off, with a perfect pair of flats.
  • Mid-Length Dresses or Midis: These never go off trend. They’re perfect for both tall and short girls. They make you look slim and an inch taller. If it is not raining outside then you can carry them off with a wedge heel else the flats can be your saviour. Florals are again a hit in this clothing range. However, you will get a good collection in the midis in all materials and fabric ranging from cotton to lace. You can choose them well according to the occasion.
  • Jump Suits or Rompers: Rompers are usually the onesie garments with shorter legs and a loose fitting puffed up legs towards the end. They are basically the shirt and the shorts tucked up together in one garment. The longer version of these rompers is the jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are worn by women of all age groups during the monsoon season. It makes a perfect get-away dress.
  • Skirts or Wrap Arounds: Skirts have always been the highlight of the monsoon. They come in a variety of hemline that usually varies from micro to floor length. There is a wide range of prints and fabrics available in skirts. The wraparounds are skirts too, the only difference is they are open from the end and needs to be tied around the belly. These wraparounds are easily adjustable and can be worn by women if all sizes.
  • Flats and Floaters: Do away with your leather shoes and opt for colourful ballerinas, crocs or floaters. Leather shoes are prone to remaining soggy and wet, which can be a little uncomfortable whole day long. Flats and floaters ensure the flow of air that keeps your feet dry and fresh. Flip flops are also a good option but best not worn to your workplace. Ensure that you choose sturdy footwear that is resistant to slipping and has minimal designing on it.

Final Words

With this choice of clothing, you are set to beat the rains from destroying your fashionable attire. As an extra precaution, team your look with a sturdy umbrella, which is available in plenty in the markets in colourful and vibrant prints. It should also be easily collapsible such that it fits easily in your carry bag. If possible, make use of raincoat during the heavy downpour to protect you from drenching in the rain. Also, try bright shades during the season and avoid light pastel colours as they tend to catch stains easily and become transparent on getting wet.

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