Top 5 most Shameful Moments in Cricketing History: Shocking Incidents in Cricket Records

Cricket is one of the most loved games. It is a highly spirited game where anything can happen in a day. The excitement on the field is highly breathtaking. Some of the actions from players can turn into embarrassing moments which can never be forgotten. Players from around the world take this sport seriously. Some of their weird actions are recorded as the most shameful moments in cricketing history.

Chappell’s Notorious Underarm Delivery

Chappell’s Notorious Underarm DeliveryThere can be many of such moments and one such moment which has received the highest number of votes for a long time was about the underarm bowling which was part of one day match between Australia and New Zealand played at MCG in the year 1981.It is one of the disastrous moments which kept haunting the Cricket fans all over the world for a long time. New Zealand needed six runs to tie the match with their eight wickets down and it was the last ball of the match. In order to avoid the last ball being hit for six, Australian captain played unfair tactics and asked his bowler to throw the last ball as an underarm delivery. The ball just rolled over the ground and wasn’t possible to be hit. It was a very disgraceful act which shows the negative sportsmanship of the Australian Captain Greg Chappell. The whole incident will be remembered as the most disgraceful moment in the Cricket.

Shane Warne Banned for World Cup after Testing Positive for Drugs

Shane Warne Banned for World Cup after Testing Positive for DrugsMany cricketers have been involved in controversies at national or international level cricket. The Australian legend and the world-class leg-spinner Shane Warne is one of such players. He had been involved in many controversies throughout his career. In the World Cup Cricket tournament in the year 2003, the Australian spinner was again in the center of the controversy. The most shocking moments in cricketing history was when Shane Warne failed the drug test during the match in the World Cup tournament in South Africa. Shane Warne tested positive for the drugs which were banned during the tournament. He was forced to go back to Australia and was not allowed to play for few months as a punishment. It was most shameful incident, which shocked and devastated the cricket lovers from around the world. Warne claimed his innocence by admitting that he had taken the tablets unknowingly but the whole incident raised many questions about the game of cricket and the role of players.

Spot Fixing Scandal during England vs Pakistan at Lord’s in 2010

Spot Fixing Scandal during England vs Pakistan at Lord’s in 2010Match-fixing has always been a shameful act in Cricket and one of the most shameful moments on cricket field happened during a match between England and Pakistan at Lord’s in 2010. Many players were accused of match fixing and even punished. This match fixing scandal by the Pakistani bowlers while playing a match in England was the most dramatic one, where players were given money to bowl no-balls and wide balls. It is one of the rarest scandals which remains the most shameful act and created a lot of hype. Pakistani bowlers were paid money in millions to bowl either a no-ball or wide ball during the match. The player had to give an indication to the bookies by either raising his hand up in air or wiping his face over napkin before bowling the no-ball or wide ball. The most shameful moments in cricket history has taught lessons not only to the players or officials but also to the cricket lovers in the near future.

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Pakistan

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team in PakistanThe shocking terrorist Attack on the Sri Lankan team while playing a match in Pakistan too considered as the most shameful moments in cricketing history. On 3rd March 2009, the Sri Lankan cricket team was travelling in a bus to play their second test match against Pakistan while their bus was attacked by 12 gunmen near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. Most of the players were timely protected by the security guards but yet six players were injured including Sangakkara, Mendis, Samaraweera, and Paranavithana. Though their lives were saved but the whole incident was so dreadful that it will keep haunting the memory for a long time. Nobody would have imagined that such shameful incident. As a result of this attack on innocent players, ICC decided to ban any international cricket matches to be played in Pakistan. Such incidents are a blot on the face of sportsman spirit and love for the game of cricket. It took several days for injured players to come to terms with the situations and to get back to the game.

Death of Bob Woolmer after Pakistan Team’s unexpected Elimination from 2007 World Cup

 Death of Bob Woolmer after Pakistan Team’s unexpected Elimination from 2007 World CupThere are many incidents which have brought a bad name to the game of cricket and the hilarious moments in cricketing history can be the one when the Pakistani coach Boob Woolmer found dead in his room during the World cup tournament in the year 2007 in West Indies. The entire world was stunned with the news that the Pakistani coach found murdered in his room during the World Cup tournament. Several theories were discussed and many possibilities were looked into but all remained clueless. The entire World cup tournament was played in the shadow of murder and was surrounded by police investigations. Though the investigation was made by the Scotland Police, but there was no news about the culprit being caught. Fogged by controversies and bad intentions, this incident really created a bad image of cricket.

Final Words

The game of Cricket is full of controversies and many of them registered as the most shameful moments in cricketing history. Cricket is one of the highly popular sports played across many countries around the world and having a huge fan following across the world.Such incidences can be the part of the game,but now in the modern Cricket where the game has changed lot many rules and making use of the most modern techniques. The advantages of the latest technology will surely control such unfair practices and shameful moments from occurring again.It will make the game far more entertaining and enjoyable. It is the responsibility of associations, players, officials and also the Cricket lovers to make sure that the Cricket should be played with the best spirit.

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