Top 5 Most Shameful Moments on Tennis Court that Ever Happened

Tennis has always been a sport that sets the adrenaline levels high. If you have been playing or watching tennis, there have surely been a number of moments when we laugh our guts out! Every big tennis star has done something funny in the court, made a face or something clown to get a laugh out of the crowd. These most hilarious moments on tennis court are captured almost simultaneously by the media to be broadcasted far and wide! Tennis as a sport is a rage among teens and even adults. The sport attracts spectators from far and wide who are loyal fans of their favourite stars. Tennis is a sport which is played with a lot of emotions and seriousness. But ever so often, players take some time out from the intense pressure of the game to give us some hilarious gems that remembered for their funny and amusing acts. Some other times there are a number of moments that are shameful and clumsy! A number of times, players find themselves red with awkward and clumsy acts of theirs. Even the best ones are not spared!

Players commit some non-sense acts that are laughed upon by the audience for a long time.
Tennis altogether is a sport that is a mix of several high riding and amusing moments served hot and live to the audience. Some of the most shameful moments in the history of tennis are remembered even today although they are joyfully laughed at. It is the players that make these moments so striking and thrilling. Some of them have been compiled in this text!

Most Shameful Moments in the History of Tennis

Here are some of the funniest and clumsiest moments that happened on the court in the history of the sport. We can all have a good laugh as we get to explore the tennis court in a completely different light; i.e. humour!

Embarrassing Moment when Ball Boy trips behind Maria Sharapova

Embarrassing Moment when Ball Boy trips behind Maria SharapovaThe tennis beauty, Maria Sharapova has a big and long fan following across the globe. Guys are bowled out not only by her power packed performance but her extremely good looks. The tall tennis star has although witnessed a number of embarrassing moments on the tennis court. It was not long ago when an incident took place where a ball boy fell flat just a few inches behind the tennis star. Sharapova was left feeling awkward at the incident when the ball boy fell head over heels in front of the star. He was said to have been rushing to grab the Russian blonde an umbrella to shade her from the sun during a break in play when he stumbled over a flower pot! There are a number of incidents more on the list of the most shameful moments on tennis court.

Serena Williams Laughed off her Embarrassing Moment with the Audience

Serena Williams Laughed off her Embarrassing Moment with the AudienceIn one of the games of the French Open, Serena Williams completely misjudged a ball and hit an extremely awkward shot. When the audience saw her doing something completely off her personality she knew that she had given tennis one of the most shocking moments on tennis court! Although Serena is a jack of all trades and can judge balls well than other players, yet such a shameful moment gave the audience a good reason to smirk! So, it’s nice to know that sometimes Serena can still look like someone who just picked up a tennis racket and doesn’t know Borg from Borg. She was able to laugh herself off because she has 19 grand slam titles!

When Wozniacki imitated Serena!

When Wozniacki imitated Serena!Caroline Wozniacki drew a lot of heat when she did an act of impersonation of Serena Williams. Tennis players have a habit of impersonating one another for a laugh while in exhibition matches, and one of the more notable, for any number of reasons, is Caroline Wozniacki’s overstuffed take on her friend Serena Williams. Her act made her action debatable between funny and racist which made it one of the shameful moments in tennis history. Although both the stars are friends and Serena herself did not have a problem with her friend’s act but this is an era where no joke goes uncriticised, and no humour apparently exists without sinister subtext. A number of people went on to say that she was performing a racist act.

Novak Djokovic attracts the Maximum Eyeballs!

 Novak Djokovic attracts the Maximum EyeballsDjokovic and Maria Sharapova are close friends for some time now. The Serb has imitated Sharapova’s serve and other aspects of her game a lot of times! Djokovic always stays in a light mood in the court. There are countless incidents of the player making some funny gestures. Whether it was the Hopman Cup of 2013 where he made several monkey faces and gave cheesy expressions or in Colombia where he and Nadal danced like salsa dancers! Djokovic makes news for his funny acts all the time! Djokovic was also caught imitating star Ana Ivanovic in front of her during a mixed doubles match at Hopman Cup in 2013. Everyone in the audience was laughing at Novak, including Ana herself! He’s one of the best players in the world, but he’s also one of the most entertaining. In fact, Novak Djokovic has so many amusing highlights that we couldn’t fit them all into one page. He has given us the most hilarious moments on tennis court!

Roger Federer is the King of Humour!

Roger Federer is the King of HumourRoger Federer is a joy to watch on the tennis court as he is known to play brilliantly. He mesmerises everyone with his grand shot-making ability and is polish personified when in full flow. And yes he can also make those tweeners and overhead smashes look ridiculously simple with his skilful hands. He has been tagged as one of the funniest and happiest players on the field. In an incident he wore a false moustache to the court and in another he managed to sing with his Davis Cup teammates. There have been a number of funny incidents when he along with Djokovic made the audience laugh!

Thanks to these players there have been a number of hilarious as well as the most shocking moments in Lawn Tennis history.

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