Top 5 Must Visit Places in Gujarat: Kuchh Din Toh Gujaro Gujarat Mein

Vacations are the best time to visit different places all across the world. Those who love to explore the natural beauty and at the same time wish to take a glimpse of history, Gujarat is one of the holiday destinations in India that will impress them. Gujarat is also known as one of the best tourist states if you really want to enjoy the summer vacations exploring the history. Formation of Gujarat was done on 1st May 1960 and Gandhinagar was declared as the capital of Gujarat State. Let us explore the top 5 must-visit places in Gujarat.Top 5 Must Visit Places in Gujarat

Top 5 Must Visit Places in Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most developed states of India that is popular for its culture and heritage. It has a number of tourist attractions to amaze people. But here, we have listed the most popular tourist places in Gujarat for the people who love to enjoy their vacation in peace & adventure.

Rann of Kutch

Known as the largest land of salt, people visit there to view the salty land where nothing else can be seen instead of the open sky. The best time to visit Rann of Kutch is in the month of February because at that time “Rann Mahotsav” is celebrated. In Rann Mahotsav, many rides and stalls of food and stalls of clothes are available which represents the Gujarat’s tradition. It is spread up to 40,000 sq.kilometers

Sun Temple, Modhera

Modhera is a small village located near Mehsana city and it is popular for the Sun Temple situated there. Sun temple was built in 11th century by Solanki. People visit there to worship ‘Surya’ also known as the Sun God. The structure of Sun Temple is very much substantial and the distance of the Sun Temple from Mehsana city is near about 30 kilometers. There is no entry ticket or price kind of thing for viewing Sun Temple.

Rani Ki Vav

Commonly known as the “Queen’s Stepwell” situated in Patan and built in the 11th century. Rani Ki Vav was constructed in the memory of Bhimdev I. The Vav has more than 1,000 minor sculptures and you can go seven levels down through the stairs. The entry ticket price for Indian citizen is Rs.5 per person whereas for foreigners it cost Rs.100 per person which completely suits the budget. In the 1980s, it got flooded by River Saraswati and later the carvings were found in the perfect condition when it was explored by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Gandhi’s Ashram

Also known as ‘Sabarmati Ashram’, it is the most amazing place located in Ahmadabad for those who love to know more about people who helped in the independence of India. No entry ticket is required to see the Ashram. In 1915, the Ashram got opened for the tourists. The ‘Salt Satyagraha’ on 12 March 1930 was started from this place. The Ashram is now converted into a beautiful museum.

Gir National Park

Best place in Gujarat for animal lovers, Gir National Park is one of the most famous wildlife parks in India. 300 types of birds are there which are quite beautiful and bird watching can be done in Gir. In the western part of India, Gir is considered as the largest dry forest. Safaris are available for exploring the park having reasonable rates.

Final Say

So, if you are planning to visit Gujarat then you must visit these five places which are listed above. You can find all types of places in Gujarat which are very much attractive and best to enjoy vacations with family or friends.

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