Top 5 Schools for Autistic Children in India: The Cure and Approach towards Autism

Autism is a mental ailment that is seen right since the early days of childhood characterized by impaired speech. Autistic children find it extremely difficult to communicate and establish relationships with others. It is a rare mental condition is often misconstrued as retardness. According to the researches, autistic children suffer from social, physical and emotional trauma owing to their difficulty in speech, repetitive behavior and obsessive interests.

The Cure and Approach towards Autism in India

Previously, autism was not so well-defined and hence such children suffered in isolation and misery but with growing medical science, many health care developments have taken place and educational institutes have come up for autistic children. There are a few top schools for autistic children in India that are striving to make life less-complicated for such socially and emotional impaired children. The organizations have joined hands to help children suffering from this lifelong disorder and impart education to help them fight autism and cherish life.

Here top 5 autistic schools and organization in India are highlighted below that cater autistic children and impart education based on an individual’s capabilities.Autism Schools in India, Special Schools for Autistic Children


Autism Centre for Excellence is located in Delhi established in 2014 that has several programmes for autistic children from ages ranging from 3 to 15 years. It works on the principle of applied behavior analysis and is one of the finest autism schools in Delhi. Their educational approach and curriculum successfully improves the functional and communication skills of autistic children to help them become independent and productive.

India’s Topmost Healing Therapeutic School for Autism

School for autism has different programs that focus on autism spectrum to extend help to autistic children and their families. It provides a platform for education for the children and also gives useful information to parents to face the reality of this ailment. It has a forum for exchanging ideas and information to help their children grow.

It is one of most recognized schools for children with autism owing to its premium facilities and approaches on educating autistic children and having several programmes to take care of their speech, social, physical and emotional difficulties. They have day care, full residential and free programmes for economically weak autistic children to extend help to their families too.

School for Autism in Hyderabad

The School for Autism in Hyderabad is a full-fledged autism education center that was started by 6 parents after pooling funds. They aim to provide a strong education foundation that imparts education to the kids based on their grasping power and interest for the subject. Some show interest in Mathematics while others are good in language. This school helps children to interact and improve their communication. This autism school in Hyderabad is also collecting funds for the expansion to help more autistic children and provide educational options. The pioneers are planning to get trained by a Bangalore based NGO.

Action for Autism

Action for Autism in Delhi is a popular and premium organization that helps to develop children with disabilities to excel socially and academically. Their holistic approach helps children with different functional disabilities to face challenges and transform their lives beautifully. It is one of the most recommended and popular special child schools in India. Their learning ambience is unique and teaching methods are friendly contributing to a special child’s growth.


UMMEED is an educational resource that focuses on the development of autistic children and also children with other developmental disorders. This organization in Mumbai does not only impart education but also helps to develop the child’s overall growth and bring about a positive transformation in their lives. Their expertise and early intervention has been of great help to many autistic students enrolled here.

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  1. butterfly therapy center is one of the best autism schools in hyderabad,
    providing multiple therapies like
    1.[ABA] Applied Behavior Analysis
    2.Special Education
    3.Speech Therapy
    4.Occupational Therapy
    5.Sensory Integration
    6.Activity of daily living skills

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