Top 5 SEO Trends that will Rock in 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), one of the most quintessential ingredients that you fetch to your blog is continuously advancing proportionally with the number of people getting online. The people who were working on just desktop-based approach might see a significant downfall to their blog traffic this year. However, you can save your blog following the best SEO strategies we are coming up with.

Top 5 SEO Trends that will Rock in 2017: Get a Boost

Yesterday we were making bets about the awaited SEO tactics for the year, and today we are here with the top 5 SEO trends that will rock in 2017. The below-mentioned strategies will not only help you to optimize your blog in a better way but will also enhance the user flow to your blog. Have a look ahead.Top 5 SEO Trends that will Rock this Year

Google AMP for Mobile Optimization

Ever since its launch in the search results, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has been in the SEO news. It is one of the latest initiatives by Google to make the mobile search incredible for the mobile users. This new initiative is basically the set of rules that makes your web page lighter and present the HTML version to the users.

If your website pages will be built in compliance with AMP, then they are sure to load super quickly on the mobile devices. This, in turn, will fetch you more traffic and higher rankings on Google’s Mobile Search. Not only this, you will also witness the higher CTR rates on your blog.

Social Content Will Surely Gain Prominence

In the present day, over 76 percent of the marketers give more importance to social media sharing. They tend to receive a good amount of traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You might have seen that the social media content has already started getting indexed on Google. This is the signal that social media sharing will help you boost the rankings and ultimately the website traffic. Work on your social media pages and enhance the number of followers to make your post reach more people.

It’s about the Related Keywords

You need not repeat the single keyword phrase, again and again, to rank it higher in the search rankings. It has got old-fashioned now. You want to rank your post. Right? Just use your main keyword in the title, first & last paragraph, Image Alt Text, description, and that’s it.

But in the meanwhile, do not forget about the related keywords. You need to use the keywords related to the targeted keyword to get better rankings. Moreover, there are chances that your related keywords are also ranked if your post gets ranked.

Get Some Generic Links

So, here comes the twist. It is 2017 now. Google will straight away kick you off if it sees you making consistent links on a single keyword to rank it higher. Go for generic link building. Use related keywords as well for building your links.

You should focus on what the web audience will be searching rather than focusing on the keyword that has high searches. Mix your link building strategies well so that if appears to be very natural.

Informative Content

Some say that the content must be big enough to get indexed on Google while some say it can be short but should have keywords used with proper density. But in 2017, no matter what the length of the content is, how beautifully you have used the keywords keeping the density in mind, you will only get the rankings if you have provided the most valuable information to the readers.

A reader usually gets bored reading the same stuff again and again twisted differently. A reader comes to your blog to get the most vital information. So, write the content giving the valuable information. The length of content and keyword density doesn’t matter. Remember, if your blog reader is happy, Google is happy.

The Last Words

The SEO has been changing over the years, but the core is the same. Write quality content and provide the best user experience, you will rank high on the search engines. Apart from this, follow the most recent SEO trends of 2017 and get a boost in rankings of your website as well as web traffic. Play it safe!

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