Top 8 Horseback Riding Schools in India to Learn Horse Riding

As per scientific assumption from the early Iron Age, about 800 BC, Central Asian people began to ride horses for the first time. Though technology has almost vanished the need of horses as a traveling unit but it has emerged as one of the most popular and enjoyable vocational activities. Before one jumps on the horseback they must take horseback riding classes from any renowned horse riding academy in order to learn this art. If horses attract you and you are wishing to ride one, it is advised to take proper coaching from an expert horse trainer or school.

Best Horseback Riding Schools in India

As horseback riding is earning a huge popularity in recent times, many organizations have started their horseback riding schools in India. In this article, we will be providing you with the list of top 8 horseback riding school in India providing best quality training.Horseback Riding Schools in India

Aspen Riding & Polo Academy, Delhi

It is an international academy situated in the capital of India. Aspen Riding & Polo Academy, which is one of the best horseback riding schools provides quality training by experienced horse riders and polo players. The people from different states come here to learn and enjoy horse-riding as a sport. If you can spend a little money in this academy, no doubt you will come out as a phenomenal horse rider. They don’t charge high and offers different courses in the affordable range. One willing to learn polo can give their hands a try there.

Madras Riding School, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Madras Riding School comes in the list of India’s oldest horse riding school. Their expert staff and team show it perfectly how to ride a horse. One can easily get horse riding lessons from them and become a great horse rider gaining the perfection required to ride a horse. This horse riding school runs according to the British Horse Society rules and regulations. So you can expect the quality horse riding training from them. Moreover, they do not charge a lot. So the budget won’t be an issue for to learn horse riding.

Hyderabad Horse Riding School, Hyderabad (Telangana)

This riding school is situated in the south-western part of Hyderabad near the Seven Tombs Park. If you are looking for horse riding training in Hyderabad none but this school can provide the best horse trainers to you. You can learn quality horse riding from them satisfying your pocket too. The best part about it is, they offer the cross country trips, fast track programmes for the newcomers, and even certification to the successful horse riders.

Adagio Riding Stables, Gurugram (Haryana)

It is one of the best academies of recent times, where you can perfectly learn how to ride a horse. Adagio Riding Stables located in Gurugram in Haryana provides expert international coaches to the learners. Here you can not only learn horse riding but can also get different horse care tips as well. Their coaching fees are little higher than the rest.

Bangalore Horse Riding School, Bengaluru (Karnataka)

In the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore Horse Riding School is highly popular when it comes to superior horseback riding training. They provide highly skilled coaches at affordable fees. Their classes go for 30 minutes per day. They focus a lot on the timing and concentration of their students. Moreover, with horse riding, one can also learn the horse care, grooming, and trotting.

Saddle Horse Riding Academy, Hyderabad (Telangana)

Another renowned academy providing quality horseback riding classes in Hyderabad is Saddle Horse Riding Academy. This academy is highly rated for providing well-trained coaches. They train the newcomers with care and help in getting the confidence with this gigantic animal. Their course price range is reasonable. With better horse riding lessons they also provide horse care tips to the students.

Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Sagar Equestrian Sport Academy is the most popular horse riding school in Rajasthan. In the heat of Rajasthan, one who is willing to learn and enjoy this vocational sport, none but this place can deliver quality and faster horseback riding lessons to the students. They provide superior horse riding lessons and horse care tips at a reasonable fee. As compared to others, this academy is newer to this market but surely this didn’t affect the quality even a bit.

Japalouppe Equestrian Center, Pune (Maharashtra)

It is one of the best horse riding schools in Pune for sure. They not only train the new comers but the horses too. So it becomes easier for the new students to learn in better conditions. Their fee structure is reasonable and they also provide different certification courses according to your budget.


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