Top 5 Unbelievable Goals in History of Football: Simply WoW!

Football is a wonderful game which never stops to amaze its fans. The beauty of the football can be judged by the uncountable glorious and wonderful moments which have vowed the audiences throughout all these years. Most of these moments are produced when some magical and unbelievable goals are scored. It’d be very difficult to choose the best goals and it’d also be unfair to much more that are worth remembering and praising. But of course, there are some goals, which come to mind before any other whenever we think of the topmost unbelievable goals scored in the football history.

Unbelievable Goals Ever Scored in History of Football

We have compiled a list of the top 5 unbelievable goals in football history over the years for you. So have a look and remember those glorious moments.

Roberto Carlos vs France, 1997

Roberto Carlos scored his wonder goal in Tournoi de France, a friendly international football tournament held before of the 1998 World Cup. He stepped up to take a free-kick from almost near the half line. What happened after that was impossible to believe. The ball was going outside of the far post. But suddenly it took a massive curl and ended up inside the post with the keeper stunned in his position. Truly unbelievable and the best goal ever for sure!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England, 2012

England was playing Sweden in a friendly match. Sweden scored four goals. And all of them were scored by Zlatan. But one amongst those was etched in history books for the sheer brilliance in the way it was scored. Joe Hart mis-cleared a header and came off his line. Zlatan latched onto to the loose bouncing ball and scored a vicious free kick which ended up inside the net. Sexy! Class! Stunning! Simple as that!

Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle, 2002

Dennis scored this skilled goal in the Premier League. Dennis flicked the ball backwards around the defender, took a turn, and just ran around the opposite side to collect the ball back. And before you could blink, the ball was in the net. A magical and out of this world goal that was!

Diego Maradona vs England, 1986

Maradona’s goal came in the 1986 football World Cup. He just picked the ball inside his own half. Breezed past four English defenders, and ended up with a fierce strike straight into the back of the net to win the match for his team. The crowd was left awestruck on witnessing one of the unbelievable goals in footballing history.

Lionel Messi vs Getafe, 2007

Messi’s goal was much similar to Maradona’s magical strike in 1986. But not only did he beat 4 players, he also ended up rounding the keeper to put the ball in the back of the net. Surely one of the most sensational goals in football ever!

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