Vikings Season 5 Starting Date, Episode 1, Spoilers, Web Series: Latest News

The humongous success of Vikings’ Season 4 has left everyone anxious for its upcoming season which is soon to hit the floor. The drama series of Lothbrok siblings avenging the death of their father has led to an explosive thrill among the viewers encouraging the series as of one of the most watched television series. Season 4 witnessed the death of King Aelle where the two Lothbrok siblings also forced King Ecbert to quit the world. Following this explosive episode, the Lokhbrok brothers got into tiff due to differences between them. The season also featured Heahmund who is a warrior bishop and would play a major role in the new season 5 of Vikings.

Vikings Season 5 Star Cast, Posters, Start Date, Online Next Episode, New Season Images

Vikings Season 5 Web Series, Episode 1, Story Plot

Lothbrok brothers have gained limelight in the all these trending seasons of the series and apparently they will rule in the upcoming season 5 of this web series. According to the latest news, the very first episode of the season will commence with the funeral of Sigurd. Ivar had already killed brutally with an Axe by hitting him straight through the stomach.

The season shall lay a staunch focus on the aftermath of the combat between Saxons and the Great Vikings battalion. The story plot seems to get more and more interesting with this concept of avenge and the promos feature a lot of exciting events that is in store for all of us!

Vikings Season 5 Trailers, Teasers, Promos

The network has given confirmation about the Vikings season 5 starting date that it will be started soon. Even the promos have already been aired which shares a glimpse of Ivar drenched in tears over the demise of his brother. The leaked script online which is out in the teasers, trailer, and promos featured several war scenes in the next season. The war will mostly involve the Vikings and Heahmund. A lot more teasers are also being released which will share a lot about the thrills and shocks on the upcoming new season.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date, TV Episodes

Meanwhile when everyone is anxiously waiting for the 5th season of one of the most awaited and popular Vikings 2017 release date, it is expected that the TV episodes of Vikings are most likely to go on air later this year. It could also be premiered in the first half of this year just like season 4. Even the information about the lead star cast, actors and actress who would be playing the major roles in the upcoming season have already been announced.

A lot more can be found out from the official website which also unveils the return of Rollo. Popular actor Clive Standen, playing the role of Duke of Normandy has also confirmed it. In fact, he has also shot a few full episodes of the upcoming season.

Stay Tuned to Watch More!

Vikings season 5 is all set to grab some major thunders this year. So stay tuned to grab the latest of Vikings season 5 spoilers, wiki and much more. The villain will certainly get more brutal and create some goose bumps. So keep waiting for the new season and till enjoy the promos and many more coming out soon.

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