Xiaomi Mi Drone Review: A Magnificent Device for Adventure Photography Lovers

Xiaomi Mi Drone Review: As new photographic solutions come into play, drones are getting highly popular. Xiaomi, one of the finest consumer electronics manufacturers has launched a new drone which is capable to shoot even at 4k clarity. There are various features in the drone and you will love to know about these, let’s see a detailed review of the Xiaomi drone.Xiaomi Mi Drone Review

Top Features of Xiaomi Mi Drone Review

Xiaomi has launched a phenomenal device for the photography lovers. This quad-copter Mi drone is equipped with some of the marvelous features and is built with superior quality as compared to few of its market competitors like DJI. Let us learn more about this device in details.

Design & Built

Xiaomi has always maintained a good design and build quality and it does not fail to impress even with its drone. The drone sports a modular design and it has a foldable landing gear which is used while the drone is landing.


There are two variants of cameras that you can choose to buy. One shoots videos at a clarity of 1080p and the other one is capable of a stunning 4k video. This is certainly great for people who were waiting to shoot 4k videos aerially.


The hardware is also nicely built which enables it to be easily assembled and disassembled. It is built in a way which ensures that it can sustain some amount of roughness since it is a drone and can get into disasters.

Remote Control

The remote control has a built-in PCB antenna which is responsible for good connectivity. This antenna helps in amplifying the signal of the drone for better reach. When it is disconnected from the remote, the drone returns automatically to the user which is a great feature in case something unfortunate happens.


The connectivity is quite strong and you can control it from as far as 2km. We can safely assume that there are no connectivity issues with the drone and it can be nicely controlled from a distance. As for the additional features, it has GPS navigation and GLONASS enabled as well. It also has an autopilot feature where it can take off and land by itself. These are among the best additional features of the drone.


The performance is just phenomenal as the drone is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal which can sustain vibrations up to 2000 per second. It promises the best video quality through the drone.


The Mi drone is packed with a 5100mAh battery which gives you sufficient battery life to last you around 27 minutes of constant flying. This is great as usually videos are short and they can be shot easily with this drone.


The drone comes in two variants and the price differs in both. Xiaomi drone which has 1080p clarity comes at a price of 25,600 INR and that for a 4k version is 31,000 INR. These prices are at a great budget and you would not get other drones at such effective prices.

Final Words

At this price point, it is certainly too good to miss. The features are great and it is better than some of the competitors including DJI. So, if you are considering getting a drone and have a tight budget, the Mi drone does full justice to your money and offers you an immersive drone experience.

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