Top 5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of the World: Young Minds Making Millions

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of beginning a business or an organization. In order to make big things happen, an entrepreneur is essentially required to develop a business plan and gather the required manpower and other resources. This entails that the entrepreneur remains solely responsible for the success or failure of the venture.Youngest Entrepreneurs of the World under age 30

The Youngest Entrepreneurs of the World

All across the world, the business world has witnessed immense growth and innovation. What is noteworthy is that few of these businesses are creations of young and enthusiastic people who have made it big with their vision and hard work. Their talent and vision, combined with their hard work have made them a well-known personality. Few of the youngest and talented entrepreneurs in the world today are listed below.

Anshul Samar

Anshul Samar PhotosAnshul Samar belongs to the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. He is a tenth grader and had an incredible vision. He is the Founder and CEO of Alchemist Empire Inc. at present. He developed the idea to create a role playing a card game based on chemistry that will be both fun and educational. His dream formed when he was in the fourth grade. He wished to make the subject fun for kids. Now in the tenth grade, when he is of the age fourteen, he has already released his first game from the company and has found huge success.

Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey PhotosPalmer Luckey is the founder and CEO of Oculus VR. At the age of 21, Luckey’s company has raked in nearly $100 million from venture capitalists and $2.4 million from the crowd funding site Kickstarter. His company is presently in the league having won the official best CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Award in 2014. Luckey developed a vision for the reality of the business world in his teen years itself. In his college, he crafted the first prototype of a virtual reality headset named the Oculus Rift. His company roughly employs five dozen people and Luckey is the CEO of his own company today. His innovations have received some really great reviews from the world.

Nic Borg

Nic Borg ImagesThe co-founder of Edmodo, Nic Borg is at the age of 28 (June 2016) and today he along with his partner Jeff O’Hara together operates Edmodo that helps students learn and at the same time turn learning into a profit. They planned to design a tool to help merge how students live and how they learn. Today they have connected over 30 million students and teachers. Edmodo serves as a privacy-protected platform that educators and students can learn, compare and collaborate and at the same time participate in sharing and discovering new resources and connecting safely in online classrooms. This education based startup has leveled revenue of nearly $60 million in just 5 years. It offers more than 600 apps from which it earns revenue.

Trip Adler

Trip Adler PhotosTrip Adler is the co-founder of Scribd, a digital library and ebook, audio book and comic book subscription service that includes over one million titles. Trip Adler is known to be a surfer, a saxophonist and a Harvard degree holder in biophysics. Adler co-founded scribd in 2007 as a content sharing platform. Ever since the inception of Scribd, Adler had united with over 100 publishers and today he offers over 40 million free books and documents. Adler was named the best young Tech entrepreneur by Business week. His creation Scribd has offered the opportunity to many people to access unlimited best-selling books, court filings, academic papers and many other special documents. All you need is your smartphone and the app to get access to these features.

Brian Wong

Brian Wong HD PhotosAt the age of 22, Wong is clearly set to be the king in mobile marketing business soon. In the time that most of the students graduate from college, Wong has raised for himself a whopping $15.4 million. His business vision aims at bringing a connection between companies and their customers. He desires to do so through the means of ads, which are located strategically in mobile games. His ideology works in this way; when a user reaches a certain level in the game, an ad appears in the form of a reward for achieving the target. Today, many high-grade brands are making use of Wong’s product, including Pepsi, Sony, Amazon etc.

The Final Thoughts

These young entrepreneurs are savvy, ambitious, willing and determined. Not even having reached the third decade of their lives, these young minds have brought such innovations to the world that is highly commendable. The fortunes that they are presently earning are a compliment to the level of hard work they have placed and the vision that they have created to achieve this target. Their amazing ideas have taken the world by surprise and today we all make use of their innovations.

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