7 Things a Woman can do to Protect Herself from Getting Raped

Rape is a social stigma, a physical scar and most importantly, an emotional assault. In simple words, rape is forceful sex, one that a woman is not willing to indulge in and is the forceful insertion of a body part (penis) or an alien object inside the vagina, rectum or mouth of a female. Rape is not meant to be a pleasurable activity for a woman and is a demonstration of the brutal side of a man where he forces a woman by displaying his strength and power.Who is Responsible for Rape, Things Woman can do to protect herself from getting raped,

Who is Responsible for Rape? Is it the Woman Herself?

Who is responsible for rape is not even a valid question, knowing very well that the perpetrator is the man who imposes his sexual desires on a faultless woman. Although it is revolting to know and see every day, that the society holds only a woman responsible for rape. Everything, from her clothes to her choice of food and the people she hangs out with is seen as the reason why she becomes the target. Among these people are also included some famous politicians who put forth a pointless and rubbish point of views, which ultimately direct the needle of fault at the woman.

Unlike common perception and belief, the reason for rape is not a short length dress or revealing body parts or choice of foods or the circle of friends that a woman hangs out with. Rape is an outspoken action that comes from a man who violates the law and disregards a woman’s respect and lets his instincts unleash mercilessly on a woman.

The Increase in Rape Cases in India

The number of rape cases in the capital and other parts of the country is on a constant rise and there seems to be no stop. The recent ‘Nirbhaya case’ and ‘Uber cab case’ only reveal one understanding. The other side of the gender is apparently not going to stop at any limit and restrain the monster within them. The police and concerned authorities seem equally inefficient in controlling the number of rape cases taking place in the country. To add to the level of anger among women, politicians give out baseless statements, blaming the woman for the harm that is inflicted on her. The condition is only deteriorating. Women are asked to stay indoors at late hours or return home before sunset to avoid getting raped. Parents fear the friendship of their daughter with a guy, thinking he might rape her someday. Travelling by public transport or even in hired modes is unsafe today.

Things Woman Can Do to Protect Herself from getting Raped

So many restrictions have been imposed on women, just because those who are supposed to be ensuring law and order are either absent from their duty or are busy giving out statements blaming women and those who are supposed to act as humans, sometimes end up unleashing their animal instincts on the women. Surely, living a suffocated life, full of fear and uncertainty at all times is not how it is supposed to be. If it is so badly needed, the women must take things into their own hands and protect ourselves from being harmed by anyone. Follow these tips to protect yourself:

  • First and foremost, be aware that majority of rape cases reveal that it is committed by someone who was very well-known by the victim. Be aware of your kins, friends, neighbours and even relatives. If you come across anything that is not normal, be alert and report it to an elder who can help you deal with it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. There are some common sites such as parking lots that are easy target areas for rapists. Whenever you find yourself alone in these places, make sure that you are alert and conscious of the surroundings. Keep a self -defence tool handy to tackle a sudden attack. You can also imitate to be with someone so that it gives the impression that you are not alone. A noisy target is unavoidable in most cases.
  • Avoid taking drinks and food from unknown people at parties. Always have your drink prepared in front of you and avoid it if you lose sight of the drink for even few moments. Adulterated drinks are easiest to get a targeted sedated with drugs.
  • Always keep your phone handy. Before going out alone or with friends, inform two close friends or family members about your whereabouts and how you can be reached. Ensure that your phone is completely charged so that you may avoid running out on the battery in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Carry defensive items in your handbag. A simple ring with multiple keys in it is a potentially hazardous tool when it comes to attacking a perpetrator. With the keys pointing outwards from the space between each finger, you can surely inflict substantial harm to another person. Similarly, a scarf can act as a potential tool. Beware, though; any tool that you use against someone can be used against you if you are not trained to use it properly.
  • Create noise, as much as you can. Drop things or bang on things, anything, that can create noise. This is useful in a situation where you are not equipped with any potential tools. Noise attracts attention and deters any attacker from advancing, for fear of being caught.
  • Be alert for others too. Any situation that is odd or indicates possible danger for another person too should be immediately attended to. Do not be afraid to intervene. Try to create a disturbance and attract the attention of other people. Be careful of your friends and stick around together with them at parties.
Final Words

All it takes is a little attention and self-defence to avoid potential harm from happening to you. You should not only be wary of yourself but also for your friends and other women. Be alert at all times and do not ignore small signs that might indicate an oncoming danger. It is your life and you are the first person responsible for taking care of it. Rape is a crime, not only in terms of law but also against a woman’s life.

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