Supercell Releases Clash of Clans Winter Update of 2016

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now. The multiplayer game is highly played by youngsters throughout the world and has managed to interest many enthusiast gamers. Supercell, the maker of the game keeps rolling out different updates to make the game more useful and loving amongst those who already play it. In every update, the company tries to balance the game by introducing more lethal attacks as per the town hall level. This makes it more fun to play the game and keeps the interest levels high. Let’s see the winter updates by Clash of Clans in the year.Clash of Clans Winter Updates 2017

New Town Hall 11 Levels of Attacks

In every new update, the levels of attacks are upgraded to match up to the current game. In the new winter update recently, Clash of Clans launched some new levels for many of the troops. The most powerful Barbarian King has now got new levels that span from 41 to 45. The same has happened with the Archer Queen and you can use her powers up to the levels of 41 to 45. The Clan castle has also been upgraded and now you can have it up to a level of 7. The Golem has now been raised to a level of 6 with some new powers. Level 7 hog riders are now available for you to deploy and use. The poison spell now has a new level 5 upgrade which is more lethal.

Boost the Attacks

Since the Clan castle can now be upgraded to level 7, you can use many of its benefits. You now have the ability to boost your attacks and also allow donations of large spells like the super powerful Rage spell and Freeze spell. The radius of the poison spell is increased a bit so now when you cast a spell, the range will be a little wider. The damage and hitpoints by the witch have now increased so their attacks will become more lethal. Previously, the balloon attacks used to have a latency period but now they happen more sooner. The speed of attacks by Dragons and P.E.K.K.A has now been increased so you will notice a faster rate of attacks.

Wizard Tower & Events

With every new update comes a set of new features that improves the gameplay. In Clash of Clans, most of such feature upgrades happen for the defense tools or village buildings. In the latest updates, the Wizard tower can be upgraded to level 10 if you have reached a town hall level of 11. The Wizard tower level 9 is now available for all the players with a Town hall of level 11. The ‘Events’ is a completely new feature that has been launched in the game and you can check out the section for some in-game special events happening with regards to Clash of clans.

Time and Cost Discounts for Upgrades

There are upgrade discounts available for all the new troops that are upgraded. The Barbarian king has got a discount for levels 31-40 and the Archer Queen has got a discount for levels 26-40. The biggest surprise for the users is that the hog rider and golem have an upgrade discount for all the levels, so you can take the opportunity to use these troops.

The Last Words

The winter update for any game is usually the best update of the year and the same stands true for Clash of Clans. With so many new upgrades and feature introductions, you will have a great time playing Clash of Clans with your friends.

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