Top 5 Sexiest WWE Divas of All Time: WWE Lingerie Girls with Hot Body

World Wrestling Entertainment, or popularly and fondly known as WWE, is a complete package of scripted entertainment and action through wrestling, athleticism, and acting skills. But besides this, there is one more thing which makes WWE more popular and a hit amongst the masses. That is the glamour which is brought in by the sexy and hot divas of the roster. People just love to watch hot and sizzling chicks fighting it out in the ring and this definitely adds to the popularity of the show.

Hottest WWE Divas of All Time

Now over the years, many divas have come and gone. A few of them are still in our hearts and minds. So let’s take a look at the top 5 sexiest WWE divas of all time.

Trish Stratus

When it comes to the hottest WWE divas of all times then the name that tops the list is of the super sexy Trish Stratus. The Canadian fitness model, fitness master, actress and television personality was the best diva WWE had produced. Her moves, her antics are still remembered by the WWE universe. She is also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Her sexy moves and great fights came to an end in 2006 when she retired to get married, but WWE is yet to see such a hot diva like Trish Stratus was.

AJ Lee

April Jeanette Mendez, known by her in-ring name AJ Lee, is also amongst the top hottest divas the WWE had. During her time in WWE, she flung into on-screen relationships with many WWE superstars and gave the audiences some hot moments to cherish. Be it her hot antics with Dolph Ziggler or her in-ring kissing with many other superstars, she always brought the oomph factor in the WWE. She was a hit amongst the fan due to this and despite leaving the WWE too early she will always be missed by her fans.


Lita was the hottest WWE Diva and the moments that she had in the ring will be etched in the memory of WWE fans forever. She didn’t only have a great face but also has a great body, sexy curves and great moves. But she was a great wrestler as well. Her relationship with Adam Copeland or famously known as Rated R Superstar EDGE was the hottest on-screen relationship ever. The kisses, the romance oozed hotness all over and this is what made people love her the most and made her become a Hall of Famer.

The Bella Twins


The identical looking twins, Nicole, nicknamed Nikki and her sister Brie are definitely two of the most good looking, sexy and hot divas of the modern era of the WWE. While Nikki is in a relationship with John Cena, Brie is married to Daniel Bryan. Not only do they possess great curves and a sexy body, but their in-ring abilities made them even hotter. Many fans admired them in their fantasies. They are off television for now but let’s just wish that we get to witness their hot moves back in the WWE ring again.



Paige, the British sensation from Norwich, England is one of the current divas on the WWE roster and one of the hottest as well. Her looks combined with her great in-ring and wrestling abilities makes her one of the sexiest WWE divas to grace the ring and given the fact that she is just 23 years old (as on August 2016), we will surely get to see a lot more of her in the upcoming future.

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