Top 7 Promising Young Women Entrepreneurs in India

It’s no longer the traditional Indian society harboring irrational and impractical thoughts about women of today’s times. Our nation has advanced and women have created a niche in different spheres of academics, sports, drama, etc. Women of today do not just compete with men but they have garnered the position of respect and authority in several competitive domains. Talents are no longer confined to burning Chulhas in a closed kitchen but have been dilated beyond national and international boundaries. Women have started their own business and many young female entrepreneurs have epitomized brilliance in their work. They have made a mark and inspired several others to break the barriers and monotony and emerge successfully professionally.

Famous Indian Female Entrepreneurs and their Inspiring Stories

Women empowerment has been encouraged by many young leaders and today many talented and intellectual ladies have bagged fame and recognition worldwide. Their struggle with society to secure a prestigious place and unveil their talent has been paid. Numerous inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs have broken the stagnancy and are encouraging budding talents to grow and race with men to prove their talents and credibility. Here are the top 7 promising and famous women entrepreneurs who have set an example with their stories of success and a struggle that won them respect and recognition.Top 7 Young Women Entrepreneurs in India

Suchi Mukherjee,

The founder and CEO of popular social delivery platform “Limeroad”, Suchi Mukherjee is a woman with a tremendous academic background. Suchi is a post graduate from the elite ‘London School of Economics’ and a graduate from the ‘St. Stephen’s College’ in Delhi.

Suchi was the recipient of many honorable awards during her academic years and has emerged as a gem among the many students in her college. She has worked with eBay, Skype, Gumtree, etc. earlier and is currently successfully expanding her online shopping platform “Limeroad”.

Suchi has been recognized as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in India who are the rising talents and highly potential under the age of 40.

Anisha Singh,

“”, the leading online portal was founded by Anisha Singh in 2009 and with a short span has gained commendable exposure and fame. One of the youngest women entrepreneurs in India, Anisha is also a prominent ‘Yoga Inspector’ and ‘Cake Decorator’. The penchant for these creative fields has taken her to great heights and helps her become a leading entrepreneur of the nation.

Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms

Ekta is prominently known as the ‘Queen of Soap Opera’ in India who is the creative director of “Balaji Telefilms”. She has raised a bar in the Indian television world and her daily soaps have flourished beyond imaginations. She has also produced a couple of popular Bollywood flicks.

She has brought new concepts and broken the stereotype serial dramas. She is a perfect role model of women entrepreneurship who has encouraged employment and opened a new platform for television drama and serials.

Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar from

“” is nationally known for its apparel section and is a prominent online shopping apparel space. “FabAlley” has a wide range of attires ranging from leggings, skirts, tights, pants, shorts, etc. and its apparel section is a key contributor to its giant revenue generation.

The leading female entrepreneurs of India, Shivani Poddar and Tanvi Malik from Gurugram (old name – Gurgaon) started this online shopping portal and hold 12-15K visitors every day with more than one Lakh registered members.

Richa Kar, Zivame

Richa Kar is the proud founder of Zivame which is an online lingerie retailer. Zivame is one of its first lion’s in our nation and Richa Kar has put in all her efforts and experience to gain success for Zivame which she is intending to dilate to a billion dollar enterprise in the upcoming years.

Richa Kar is one of the most inspiring India’s female entrepreneurs. She has worked in an IT company prior starting her business and she has completed her MBA from NMIMS. She hails from a conventional and mediocre family but is striving beyond comprehension to make Zivame a monumental success.

Ankita Gaba from

Ankita Gaba is the co-founder of which is a social platform to post thoughts, notions, trends, news, etc. She has been listed among the top 100 social media agents and consultants and has an immense expertise in activities of social media. She is most prominently known as a media strategist, lecturer, consultant and an entrepreneur.

Gloria Benny, Make a Difference

Gloria Benny is the co-founder of the largest volunteer network in India, “Make a Difference” that extends support and aid to the complex socio-economic sufferers across the globe. She works for the upliftment and betterment of society, and help under-privileged children to gain a better tomorrow.

Gloria is one of the Indian women entrepreneurs who is a debonair with an impeccable academic background. She has work with brands like ‘Google’ but her inclination towards social welfare got her a different recognition. Today, she has won millions of hearts and is known for her social ventures to give children better education.

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